Twas Terribly Cold.

Sorry for the lack of posts D: Oops to those resolutions…. But last week was so tiring -_- I had an online class final, spent all day at school for club photos, and tried to finish my deadline on time…  But this week should be better! It started snowing today~ I didn’t really want it to snow.. Snow = No going out really AND slush/ice afterwards, which sucks.  Once it started snowing though, it was so pretty!

On Friday I went out with my friend for some photos and Thai food! :D It was so colddd though; our hands felt like they were going to fall off.  Okay photos!

Outfit: Danskin Jacket // White shirt // Hot Topic Studded Belt // Urban Outfitters Pink Skinny Jeans

Oh my pink skinny jeans~ They were marked down to $15 during Urban Outfitter’s extra 50% clearance sale :D They’re so comfy! I really wanted to wear a plain-colored vneck shirt with this but I don’t have any really.. well not colors like white or black D: Really need to go buy some.

Then the Thai food! :D It was super deliciouss. And then the lovely snow from today~


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