Asymmetrically symmetrical.

Ahh I suck at making titles. I don’t even know what ^ (the title) means lol! Oh no school again.  It’s great and all, I don’t have to go school or anything.. But it totally SUCKS being stuck at home all day D:  I feel myself just getting lazier and lazier by the day.. So I decided to go out for a walk today and visit my cousin! And then we took some photos outsidee~

Outfit:  Alice & the Pirates lolita dress // Black laced cardigan // Black faux fur boots

And here’s photos on the details of this dress! :D Oh it’s so pretty.. I’m so in love with asymmetrical dresses right now and I will forever love the turqouise/blue family of colors <3

Here’s some pictures of my cousin that I took! It’s been forever since I last wore any form of lolita clothing.. mind you I only have two dresses. Sigh, some dresses are really pretty but super duper expensive D;

Outfit: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright lolita dress


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