Drivin’ Down South.

I went to Portland the other day with my family! By family I mean only my aunts, my grandma, and my mom haha. We headed out early in the morning, and then headed to the Chinese garden in Chinatown! It was so amazing o.o Some random facts I remember about the garden:

-Artists lived there for about 10 months to finish the garden

-Over 500 tons of rocks were shipped over from China

Okay yeah I can’t remember many facts about the garden D: But here’s some pictures!

Then we headed to a dimsum place for lunch; walked around a bit.  Afterwards we went shopping! I must say, I LOVE looking at clothes online.. But shopping instores is inevitable because sometimes clothes just aren’t the same in person.  We shopped for hours.. Spending most of the time at Macy’s LOL!  I bought a pair of shoes and a sweater which I’ll show in a later post! :D  Hm.. I saw the most gorgeous shoes ever!! Lookit those Jessica Simpson heels <3

Oh and then for dinner. Delicious Vietnamese food :D


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