Lusting for Dresses

Prettty :3 I really want almost allllll the things from this store D: But it’s so expensive..

Photos and dresses from In Love With Fashion.

Love Aqua Chiffon Asymmetrical Maxi Dress: Mint colored dress omg <3 And asymmetrical. Ah.

Love Aubergine Asymmetrical Maxi Dress: Mm it’s like a pretty burgundy shade.. asymmetrical. D:

So yeah I want a dress really bad right now. Especially an asymmetrical dress :( Sigh.. maybe i’ll save money to buy one! Hm.. I want an instax too. Oh the choices


2 thoughts on “Lusting for Dresses

  1. hey hon! took me a while to realise you had moved haha. What exactly did you find difficult with Blogspot? ooh I just love those hi-low dresses. They look so amazing when you can see the chiffon material peeking out from behind your legs. both colours are amazing- I think I would wear the mint during summer and the burgundy during winter with a jacket over it! :P

    • Hi! Hm.. I ran into problems mostly when i was formatting/uploading pictures. I’m thinking about saving money to get one of those dresses! :D

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