february wishes.

I’m just now starting to realize that I may have too many boots.  (Just a fact pointed out by my boyfriend…) But! At least four pairs I didn’t buy! Oh god, AT LEAST four pairs. Meaning I have the ones that I bought… Let me think how many pairs of boots I have…..

TEN?! D: Er, at least I think it’s ten pairs.  I don’t wear about half of them.  I usually only wear my furry Old Navy boots, and occasionally my lace-up Fossil boots, suede Love Culture boots, and rainboots.  *Sigh* I need to donate some shoes and clean out my closet.. Make some room for new clothes? :D I definitely know what I want right now:

Asymmetrical skirt/dress (See the last post): Hm maybe a pastel color like mint.. but I like burgundy, navy, and black/white dresses too.

Stackable rings: I’ve been wanting these for over a year -__- I will definitely get my hands on some soon, hopefully.

Sneakers (or some sort of flat shoes?): I’ve been looking at Oxford’s lately.  My first impression was flat-out “that’s kinda odd looking” LOL.  I certainly crossed off Tom’s from my list of shoes I want.. I don’t know if it’s just the shape of the shoes that I find weird o.o I also love high-tops but I’m not sure if I want another pair/if I can find a pair i reallllly like D:


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