dress overload.

Totally publishing too many posts on dresses. But I can’t help it -_- I’ve been looking at them, and now that it’s prom season/performance time I have an excuse to look at formal dresses! Anyways, this is probably the last post on dresses until I get mine/actual prom time. :D

My face when I look at dresses :O –> O__O –> D: –> -_- Let me explain. It’s like, “Ohmygod it’s gorgeous” to “Holy crap look at the price” then “But it’s uber pretty…” and in the end “I’m never gona get it, its so freaking expensive. Life sucks” LOL.

If only I lived in some society where I can dress up in formal gowns and random outfits and no one would find me crazy [ meaning Seattle, PLEASE don’t rain all the time.  it’s cold and i need the sun just sometimes D: ]

This is one my favorite one’s I saw on Nordstrom.  It’s supposedly a one-shoulder mermaid gown! If only it was tighter so the mermaid-shape was more noticeable and the color wasn’t white.. I’d wear it for prom :o Sigh. Keep wishingg


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