Wow, Fantastic Baby.

I love BigBang <3 lolol. This new song is great, but their music videos are getting weirder and weird I swear.  Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it before:

T.O.P. is by far my favorite member :D And his blue hair is so breathtaking :o Totally suits him.  But GD’s long..long.. hair bothers me, along with his lipstick (in the MV).  And Taeyang + Daesung being shirtless in the video is so weird D: I think they need to tone down on showing off their body so much… It’s like slightly disturbing to me LOL. Plus Daesung looks like he’s copying GD’s blonde hair from before..

I’m obviously bias against them lolol, T.O.P. is the best XD But yeahh. Nothing really to say about Seungri, except that he seems to be the one usually surrounded by girls in the MVs o.o Okay pictures!



2 thoughts on “Wow, Fantastic Baby.

  1. HAHAAH yeah gosh this is a bit of a huge leap from their previous song. I’m not sure if they’ve actually pulled off this weird concept. And lmao G-dragon’s long hair bothers me too, especially from 1:48. I’m not sure why either…but it looks really, really creepy. I can only say that TOP and TY look good (sorry to the other guys >_<) Daesung just looks like a sex slave.

    • Hahaha I know! Especially in the beginning when his hair is super long… And it looks it’s part of the wires! Lolol Daesung does D: T.O.P. looks amazing :)

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