chez shea

Last night I went to this fancy French resturant, Chez Shea, in Pike Place Market with my boyfriend.  We had to dress in business casual clothing and made reservations the night before.  I never knew this resturant existed even though I go to Pike Place a lot; it was pretty small inside and it just seemed really fancy LOL.

We ordered from the Dine Around Seattle- March 2012 menu, which consisted of one appetizer, one entree, and one dessert for $30.  I ordered the soup of the day (some sort of crab soup?), 48 hour slow braised American Wagyu steak, and vanilla bean creme brulee.  My boyfriend ordered American Wagyu beef tartare, Carlton Farms pork loin chop, and vanilla creme brulee too.

The American Wagyu beef tartare

Soup of the day

48 hour slow braised American Wagyu steak

The Carlton Farm pork loin chop

Vanilla bean creme brulee

To me, the soup was really creamy and rich [not really my preference…] but it was yummy.  The steak was good; it had bits of fat and was super tender.  Last but not least, the creme brulee was like heaven.  The burnt caramel/sugar on top was perfect and the creamy smoothess of the creme was so good <3

To be honest I’m not too fond of French food; eating it once in a while is good though.  It’s just really rich and it makes me full really fast haha, and I prefer asian food LOL.  Dinner was nice though, and my boyfriend asked me to prom :D  We walked around for a while and went to Kerry Park, which is one of the best viewpoints for Downtown Seattle!

P.S. I’ve been spelling the name of the resturant wrong -_- I’ve been calling it Chev not Chez shea LOL.


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