the long awaited dress arrival!

This is my first ever purchase from Love.  It took about two weeks to arrive, since it was shipped overseas from London to the United States.  It took me a while to decide if I wanted to order it or not since it was so pricey >_>  I was so excited when I got it today :D I was like oh my god it’s finally here~

This arrived in the mail :D Delightful tiny package.

The first item I purchased was the Love Aqua Lurex Maxi Skirt.  Here’s a stock photo from the site:

And here’s what I got: [sorry for the terrible pictures D: ]

This skirt is so pretty~ I love the overlapping layers on it.  For some reason, I didn’t realize that this skirt had a shimmery look to it.  I totally love the color of this skirt [part of the reason I chose this one haha].  I think it looks funny on me but maybe it’s because I haven’t actually worn it out yet.  I can’t wait until the weather is warmmm!

The second item I purchased was Love Aubergine Asymmetrical Maxi Dress. Here’s the stock photo from the site:

Here’s what I got :D [blah mirror pictures]

[My legs look so weird in these pictures…]  I absolutely LOVE this dress. It is sooo soft~ And I love the color.  It’s lighter than the stock photo, but it’s not as red as my pictures actually show.  I really like the way the dress flows in the back, the asymmetrical part, and yeah. I just love everything about this dress.

What do you think about these two pieces?  Does this make you want to go buy some assymmetrical dresses / dresses? ;D


3 thoughts on “the long awaited dress arrival!

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