Hopping along Capitol Hill

On Wednesday, I went out with my friends [again haha] to Broaday/Capitol Hill [AGAIN LOL].  And by the way, I’ve eaten at the SAME sushi place three days in a row lol!  This time I went with different friends though; we ate at Genki Sushi, headed to Old School Frozen Custard for some delicious dessert, shopped at a thrift store and Urban Outfitters.

I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned/thought this but… I LOVE URBAN OUTFITTERS.  Best store ever almost D: But the problem is that everything is so expensive there, and it seems more so because I don’t have a job.  I mean seriously, $30 for a shirt for a non-working student is just a littleee too much for me.

Ah look at the colored jeans! :o such perfect colors.  Last time they had this adorable mint-colored zipup hoodie I really wanted…

For whatever reason [maybe just to put myself in further misery], I am online “window” shopping at Urban Outfitters.  The clothes are just too pretty.  My friends and I are totally hoping that they have another 50% off clearance items sale again! :D Last time we splurged so much because it was like, $5 for a shirt that was normally $20-$30 and $20 for a pair of jeans that was usually $60-$70! I really hope they do have another sale like that tho… :|


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