How old do I look?!

Sigh. I figured that I had time to squeeze in a post.  The interview didn’t go so well.. Actually, let me rephrase that.  It was going great at first, he asked me about myself and just questions about what I would do if I was hired.  And then he went towards the end he said, “You’re 18 right?”

NO D: It clearly said so on the application! I said I was graduating but I’m not 18 yet… And then he went “Oh, I’m sorry we don’t hire people under 18.”  And so ended the interview.  I’m just sad :/ I thought I finally had a chance at getting a job and once again, it was my age that restricted me. Sighsigh.

On a happier note, I got myself some frozen yogurt after the interview!

It’s the weekend woohoo! And it’s almost May! :D


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