What Do You Think…

Hello everyone!  It’s been a busy yet relaxing week for me.  I haven’t had as much homework/tests this week but I’ve been out after school for my instrument classes/lifeguard training and work training.  And in two days it’s prom… Ahhh I love my dress!  Well, I love formal gowns in general haha.

With my not-so-much spare time, I’ve tried to move forward with my DIY bracelets and jewelry!  I’ve had this idea for a while that I would make jewelry and potentially open an online shop if people liked it.

Actually, my boyfriend thought of the idea of making charms/pendants with the gold wire that I bought! :)  I’m still sketching out ideas for other things I can make out of wire..

I made this bracelet a while ago; I don’t really know if I like it or not.  I’m really into making braided bracelets… I fail at doing anything else like friendship bracelets or hemp ones >_>

And this is an old picture of a bracelet that I made… but it still needs perfecting.  I don’t have the right tools to fix it yet, but as soon I get them I shall!

What do you guys think of it? :) Feedback is greatly appreciated!

P.S. Check out Little Miss Twiggy’s blog! She has some great features and her blog’s really interesting! :)


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