Marbling Cupcakes

Happy Thursday everyone! :) It was senior checkout today~ So happy. I’m officially done with high school and community college. Next year is college ahh. Today, I baked cupcakes with my friends and went on a mini adventure to the park nearby.  It was a good day, I guess.

These cupcakes were super fun to make; I’ve made them before with my friends.  The only downside is… So many dishes to wash aftewards! >_> But it was worth it. Now time for pictures of the delicious food :D

After mixing the batter, we seperated it into small dishes and added food dye.

And it looks so pretty :3 Then we plopped in blobs of batter into the cupcake liners and then marbled it.

After baking for about 20 min and decorating it with cream cheese frosting mixed with food dye!

And on the inside! So colorful and yummy :D

Hehe hope you guys enjoyed this post! I definitely got hungry after uploading my own food pictures -_- Have a great weekend everyone!


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