Lusty Lavendarrr

Happy Monday everyone! :) How is everyone’s summer going so far? I hope you’re enjoying it, I sure am.  It’s sunny in Seattle and life is gooooood haha.  I wish I had more opportunities to go out more since many of my friends are busy working or doing something :( But nonetheless, summer has been great! I’m here to share my latest change… I dyed my hair!

I used the Splat Hair Dye- Lusty Lavendar, but I didn’t want to bleach my hair so I applied the dye directly to my hair.  Anddddd….

TADAHHHH! It’s not that noticeable :( I thought it would be because my hair is, and never was, black. It’s actually brown, so I thought the purple would be more noticeable.  Honestly, I freaked out when I dyed it (well my mom helped me actually) because the dye stains on clothing and skin… plus when I showered I saw the water turn purple.  My reaction was like OH GOSH ALL THE PURPLE CAME OUT.

But no it didn’t lol! I was thinking of re-dying my hair with a burgundy color to see how it turns out.  What do you guys think? :)


2 thoughts on “Lusty Lavendarrr

  1. Hi :) Too bad it didn’t come out as vibrant as it should be :( but your hair still looks nice :D Great and beautiful blog layout. clean and simple. Great blog :D

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