Sneakpeak to Hawaii Trip

Aloha everyone! Sorry for the absence this past week.  If you follow my twitter, you might have figured out that I’ve been vacationing at Hawaii with my family :) As soon as a finish going through, editing, and compiling photos, new posts will be up!  But here’s some photos for a preview of what’s coming next :D

How’s everyone summer going? Hope it’s all well! Enjoy it while it lasts :D

And this song is stuck in my head. Don’t forget to check out my instagram @xpockiex :)


Down By The Beach

Happy Thursday everyone :)  I have quite a few posts awaiting you guys! Here’s one of them; a mini photoshoot that I went on with my boyfriend last week. I finally got a chance to wear my LOVE maxi skirt that I purchased, oh more or less, THREE months ago. I was so excited to wear it! But by the end of the day, I realized that it didn’t look good on me :( My hips are big and the skirt doesn’t really suit me that well… *Sigh

My favorite photo :D It was chilly by the beach…

My hair at first, before I got rid of the side-ponytail.  I’m getting more fond of using big hair clips like the one above! I painted it mint-color :)

Outfit: White Sweater // H&M Striped Tank Top // LOVE Aqua Lurex Maxi Skirt

Oh noooo! It’s already August T-T  School at the end of September… Time flies by so fast!

Queen of The Lot

If you follow my twitter, you’ll know that I watched Ice Age: Continental Drift last week with my boyfriend! I was uber excited to see it :3 It was so cute. Afterwards, me and my boyfriend ate at Red Robin and then took some photos!





My new cuff earrings from Claire’s! :D I love them to death. I just don’t have enough gold accessories.


Different location. I changed into this skirt that I got at Forever21!  I like the colorfulness of the skirt, and stripes are fun! Photo credits to my boyfriend :) Don’t forget to check out his flickr if you like what you see!

Outfit 01: DIVIDED Black Blouse // Hot Topic Studded Belt // Neon Blue Jeans // Claire’s Cuffed Earring // Juicy Couture Sunglasses

Outfit 02: Black Tank Top // F21 Skirt // Claire’s Cuffed Earring // Juicy Couture Sunglasses