Slow week.

HI EVERYONE! I had a little blogging break since I haven’t had my computer for the past week.  That might just be an excuse; I’ve had little to no motivation blogging or do anything since I was sick lol!

Fjsdjndaljk;cnjigvdokclsan I’m also debating if I want to continue blogging on here or just posting OOTDs and whatnot on my tumblr because I’m feeling lazy (for lack of a better word) and slightly overwhelmed with the social media stuff. OR if I should continue blogging, but less frequently… :|

But for now, here’s my instagram photos for last week!

DIY earrings for a new store I’m opening with my friend ♥


At Redmond Town Center.



Queen of The Lot

If you follow my twitter, you’ll know that I watched Ice Age: Continental Drift last week with my boyfriend! I was uber excited to see it :3 It was so cute. Afterwards, me and my boyfriend ate at Red Robin and then took some photos!





My new cuff earrings from Claire’s! :D I love them to death. I just don’t have enough gold accessories.


Different location. I changed into this skirt that I got at Forever21!  I like the colorfulness of the skirt, and stripes are fun! Photo credits to my boyfriend :) Don’t forget to check out his flickr if you like what you see!

Outfit 01: DIVIDED Black Blouse // Hot Topic Studded Belt // Neon Blue Jeans // Claire’s Cuffed Earring // Juicy Couture Sunglasses

Outfit 02: Black Tank Top // F21 Skirt // Claire’s Cuffed Earring // Juicy Couture Sunglasses

Souvenirs from Ecuador!

Happy Almost-Friday everyone! :) I’m sharing some of the goodies I bought from my trip to Ecuador; the pictures don’t show all of them but these are my favorites. Below are: scarves, a bracelet, pendant, animal figures (made from that nut thing), and an adorable turtle. I ♥ the whale keychain haha.

Look how colorful those scarves are! Share how you would  style colorful/printed scarves!


While I was being bored at home… I realized that I can actually remove that background image from my layout. -.- (And I thought it was stuck on my theme forever…)

Ecuador: Part III

Ah I have so many posts lined up for you guys! I can’t wait to share them :) This is part 3 of my Ecuador photos.  When I was there I was able to see how many of the locals design, create, and sell the arts & crafts they make.  The following include Balsa wood crafts, candy that is “treated” by slapping it in circles, and these animals/figures that are carved out of a nut.