It’s so long and farewell.

After much thought and contemplation, I’ve decided to leave my fashion blog :( I feel that if I keep it, it’ll be neglected… I’ll still keep my twitter if anyone wants to chat or anything ❤ And, I’ll be keeping my instagram (xpockiex) and my tumblr. And of course, I’ll be keeping my wordpress account so I can still read amazing fashion blogs :)

This of course doesn’t mean that I no longer have passion for blogging or fashion, it’s just that I don’t feel I can write posts (that make sense and have proper sentences) regularly once I start college. And also, I’m trying to start up a DIY jewelry store with my friend and it’s taking me some time to make the items. I’ll definitely be updating my tumblr with more personal stuff, but I’ll still try to take OOTDs and share stuff, that is if you care of course!

Last photo of me on here!

So if you still like what I blog about, you can always check back on my twitter, instagram, or tumblr! And DO drop by and chat! ❤  ❤  ❤


Yet Again

I’ve changed my blog name yet again.  I just never really felt satisfied with the old ones, they didn’t mean anything and were slightly random.  Plus it felt weird to say it lol!  So I’ve thought it about it for a while and I renamed my blog, again.

I’m still in the process of redoing my links and etc.  Please bear with for a while, it’ll probably take me another day to redo the things and I’m trying to create a new header for my blog! :)

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Blog Name Changed!

If you haven’t noticed, I did change my header and my account names for a majority of my links to M. Radish. I’ve been thinking of it recently because I was thinking that my account names weren’t consistent and I don’t even know what the name “pockiexx” means! [Well kind of, but I made it up on a whim haha.]


What do you think of my new picture? :D I’m still trying to change my site name to “mradish” but for WordPress said that that name is taken already! >_> Time to think of a variation of that name… I’ll keep you guys updated.  Hope you had a great weekend!

Busy Beee

Recently I’ve been super busy… I had three exams this week [which isn’t normal, lol] and I’ve started to take lifeguarding classes.  The lifeguard class is only for a month, but it’s THREE hours long, twice a week.  Plus it’s around dinner time D: so I don’t get home until 10pm, which is when I eat dinner, do homework, and study.  In addition, I’ve also been applying to jobs online because I reaally want a job! Haha I’ve applied to what, five companies total and like 10 positions LOL!  And I’ve been rejected from about almost all of them -_- except the ones I didn’t hear back from… yet… But good news! I got a call today from Yogurtland for an interview tomorrow :D ~excited

Random: I love the movie Despicable Me! :3 the minions are so adorable.

Anyways, I have contemplated this for a while and I’ve decided that I’m going to change my blog name and probably the rest of my other account names [hopefully nobody has taken it]. More details will come soon!

Have a great weekend everyone! :D