Hawaii Trip

Being the lazy butt that I am, I don’t feel like editing photos. So here’s the unedited photos!

Hawaii was great :D Stayed in the island of O’ahu but nowhere close to Waikiki… It was nice though! The house was gigantic but somewhat unfinished.  There was some mini lizards/geckos around the house, tons of ants in the kitchen :| And I think there was a rat or something… It bit into my spam sushi and peaches T-T

Gorgeous blue water <3


My mom and I at Pearl Harbor!

The sunset from Waikiki :)

Me sporting a lei on my head and removable tattoo! ;)

There’s more pictures on my flickr and photo blog if you’d like to see them.

Want to share your summer adventures? :D


Sneakpeak to Hawaii Trip

Aloha everyone! Sorry for the absence this past week.  If you follow my twitter, you might have figured out that I’ve been vacationing at Hawaii with my family :) As soon as a finish going through, editing, and compiling photos, new posts will be up!  But here’s some photos for a preview of what’s coming next :D

How’s everyone summer going? Hope it’s all well! Enjoy it while it lasts :D

And this song is stuck in my head. Don’t forget to check out my instagram @xpockiex :)

Ecuador: Part III

Ah I have so many posts lined up for you guys! I can’t wait to share them :) This is part 3 of my Ecuador photos.  When I was there I was able to see how many of the locals design, create, and sell the arts & crafts they make.  The following include Balsa wood crafts, candy that is “treated” by slapping it in circles, and these animals/figures that are carved out of a nut.

Long Time No Post!

Happy Thursday :) Sorry for the lack of posting, I’ve been busy with getting ready for college! I’ll be attending the University of Washington this fall, and I’m so excited.  I attended my orientation this week, and honestly it was SO BORING. I’m still slightly confused on stuff but the most stressing of all was registering for classes T-T But it’s over, I have my classes registered and I think I’m ready :D

So less about my personal stuff, onto more pictures from Ecuador! I’m too lazy to collage the photos…

Can you see what’s in the photo above? ;)

Can’t wait for college to start, but I’m more excited to enjoy the rest of my summer :3 Have a great week everyone!