Instagram Weekend

Happy Monday! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend… I sure did. The weather was super sunny… almost tooo hot D:

I made the cake pops last week but I never had the chance to share the photo. The post about it is coming up soon! But why didn’t anyone ever tell me that cake pops were so hard to make :( Or is it just me being unskillful…

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It started out on a Friday night

“It started out on a Friday night.
I went out for a drive and never looked back.” -Valencia

One of my favorite songs from this band :D I thought of this title kinda randomly; I went out on Friday with my boyfriend to Downtown.  We went shopping, to Gameworks, and then dinner at Cheesecake Factory!  We went to one of my favorite stores: Urban Outfitters.  I love going there, the clothes there is so prettyyy~