Inspiration: Lace-Back Dresses

Connecting to my last inspiration post, I think lace-back dresses are really cute and can sometimes give off a romantic look :) It’s a way to show skin without actually being too revealing!

Photo credits goes to Google Images.

What do you think of these type of dresses? :)


Inspiration: Lace

Before when I heard the word lace, I thought of something super girly haha. Not anymore though. It’s especially pretty when there’s laced dresses or tanktops!

Photo credits to Tumblr!

New posts coming up soon! :) I haven’t been able to connect/download photos from my camera hence the lack of posts…

I’ve been obsessed with DIY inspiration lately. Definitely making posts about it! Happy Tuesday! :D

Glamour August 2012: Mila Kunis

Denim is back in fashion! Well according to Glamour magazine at least.  I almost think that it’s always in to wear denim; there’s always jeans and some sort of denim jacket, bag, or dress. But I do love the lace trend, especially mint or pastel lace dresses..

This is almost like another Mila Kunis inspiration & appreciation post, almost but not really.  Here’s a few favs of mine from this magazine; all photos are scanned from the Glamour mag :)

And by the way, Happy Friday everyone :D Enjoy your weekend!

Tumblr Inspiration: More Colors

Long time no… see? Blog. Write. It’s been awhile hasn’t it.  I’m back from my trip to Ecuador! I’ll be slowly posting about my trip to Ecuador; I have many photos to go through and look at still.

Meanwhile, I realized that my last tumblr inspiration post (here) was timed rightly so. In Ecuador, everything is super colorful! The icecream, the clothes, the beads and ornaments.  So I feel like I should dedicate another fashion inspiration post to colors; it’s a big part of many cultures and it’s something that can brighten up your day :D

I got all these wonderful photos to this colorful tumblr right here :D

It feels good to be back home~ And, for once, it’s not raining here! How is everyone’s summer going? :)