Inspiration: Black & White

Hope everyone had a great weekend! To start out the next week, it’s time for some inspiration. I’ve gathered my favorite black and white photos that I found from tumblr :D

Most of the images came this tumblr here. It has tons of lovely black and white pictures related to fashion :D


Inspiration: Lace

Before when I heard the word lace, I thought of something super girly haha. Not anymore though. It’s especially pretty when there’s laced dresses or tanktops!

Photo credits to Tumblr!

New posts coming up soon! :) I haven’t been able to connect/download photos from my camera hence the lack of posts…

I’ve been obsessed with DIY inspiration lately. Definitely making posts about it! Happy Tuesday! :D

Inspiration: Mani Pedi

It’s too bad that I don’t like doing my nails. Rather, I’m not patient enough to do it and I don’t have the money to go to a place to get my nails done often.  So I daydream and stare at other people’s pretty nail art and be jealous at their skills T-T Here’s some manicure-pedicure inspiration (even though it’s mostly pictures of manis).

All these photos I’ve found from Tumblr :)

As much as I LOVE these nails, I always keep my nails short and trimmed so I don’t think nail art really works for me :(

How do you do your nails? :)