Down By The Beach

Happy Thursday everyone :)  I have quite a few posts awaiting you guys! Here’s one of them; a mini photoshoot that I went on with my boyfriend last week. I finally got a chance to wear my LOVE maxi skirt that I purchased, oh more or less, THREE months ago. I was so excited to wear it! But by the end of the day, I realized that it didn’t look good on me :( My hips are big and the skirt doesn’t really suit me that well… *Sigh

My favorite photo :D It was chilly by the beach…

My hair at first, before I got rid of the side-ponytail.  I’m getting more fond of using big hair clips like the one above! I painted it mint-color :)

Outfit: White Sweater // H&M Striped Tank Top // LOVE Aqua Lurex Maxi Skirt

Oh noooo! It’s already August T-T  School at the end of September… Time flies by so fast!


Queen of The Lot

If you follow my twitter, you’ll know that I watched Ice Age: Continental Drift last week with my boyfriend! I was uber excited to see it :3 It was so cute. Afterwards, me and my boyfriend ate at Red Robin and then took some photos!





My new cuff earrings from Claire’s! :D I love them to death. I just don’t have enough gold accessories.


Different location. I changed into this skirt that I got at Forever21!  I like the colorfulness of the skirt, and stripes are fun! Photo credits to my boyfriend :) Don’t forget to check out his flickr if you like what you see!

Outfit 01: DIVIDED Black Blouse // Hot Topic Studded Belt // Neon Blue Jeans // Claire’s Cuffed Earring // Juicy Couture Sunglasses

Outfit 02: Black Tank Top // F21 Skirt // Claire’s Cuffed Earring // Juicy Couture Sunglasses

Why Hello There June

Happy Monday everyone! :) It’s June! Ah so excited, school is almost over and summer break is coming!  It was nice and sunny on Friday, but then the clouds rolled in over the weekend.  I had a weekend pack with classes, the lifeguard test, work, and a concert with my friend.  I haven’t had time to edit photos form the concert yet but I shall include them in the next post!

I had a mini photo-taking adventure with my boyfriend on Friday.  And I also had yummy bubble tea from my workplace~

Anyone have any big plans for summer break? :D