Inspiration: Black & White

Hope everyone had a great weekend! To start out the next week, it’s time for some inspiration. I’ve gathered my favorite black and white photos that I found from tumblr :D

Most of the images came this tumblr here. It has tons of lovely black and white pictures related to fashion :D


Tumblr Inspiration: Colors

Hello everyone, IT’S MONDAY! Sorry for the lack of posting! I’ve been kind of busy lately..

First things first.  I’m graduating tonight! :D Graduation ceremony starts at 8pm and probably won’t end until 11:30pm ish.  Tomorrow I’m doing nothing basically but I need to start packing for my trip to Ecuador.  I’m leaving Wednesday and will be gone for two weeks so I’ll have a short blogging break. I’ll make sure to take plenty of photos :D

Some tumblr inspiration before I leave.