Busy Beee

Recently I’ve been super busy… I had three exams this week [which isn’t normal, lol] and I’ve started to take lifeguarding classes.  The lifeguard class is only for a month, but it’s THREE hours long, twice a week.  Plus it’s around dinner time D: so I don’t get home until 10pm, which is when I eat dinner, do homework, and study.  In addition, I’ve also been applying to jobs online because I reaally want a job! Haha I’ve applied to what, five companies total and like 10 positions LOL!  And I’ve been rejected from about almost all of them -_- except the ones I didn’t hear back from… yet… But good news! I got a call today from Yogurtland for an interview tomorrow :D ~excited

Random: I love the movie Despicable Me! :3 the minions are so adorable.

Anyways, I have contemplated this for a while and I’ve decided that I’m going to change my blog name and probably the rest of my other account names [hopefully nobody has taken it]. More details will come soon!

Have a great weekend everyone! :D


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