It’s so long and farewell.

After much thought and contemplation, I’ve decided to leave my fashion blog :( I feel that if I keep it, it’ll be neglected… I’ll still keep my twitter if anyone wants to chat or anything ❤ And, I’ll be keeping my instagram (xpockiex) and my tumblr. And of course, I’ll be keeping my wordpress account so I can still read amazing fashion blogs :)

This of course doesn’t mean that I no longer have passion for blogging or fashion, it’s just that I don’t feel I can write posts (that make sense and have proper sentences) regularly once I start college. And also, I’m trying to start up a DIY jewelry store with my friend and it’s taking me some time to make the items. I’ll definitely be updating my tumblr with more personal stuff, but I’ll still try to take OOTDs and share stuff, that is if you care of course!

Last photo of me on here!

So if you still like what I blog about, you can always check back on my twitter, instagram, or tumblr! And DO drop by and chat! ❤  ❤  ❤


Slow week.

HI EVERYONE! I had a little blogging break since I haven’t had my computer for the past week.  That might just be an excuse; I’ve had little to no motivation blogging or do anything since I was sick lol!

Fjsdjndaljk;cnjigvdokclsan I’m also debating if I want to continue blogging on here or just posting OOTDs and whatnot on my tumblr because I’m feeling lazy (for lack of a better word) and slightly overwhelmed with the social media stuff. OR if I should continue blogging, but less frequently… :|

But for now, here’s my instagram photos for last week!

DIY earrings for a new store I’m opening with my friend ♥


At Redmond Town Center.


Hawaii Trip

Being the lazy butt that I am, I don’t feel like editing photos. So here’s the unedited photos!

Hawaii was great :D Stayed in the island of O’ahu but nowhere close to Waikiki… It was nice though! The house was gigantic but somewhat unfinished.  There was some mini lizards/geckos around the house, tons of ants in the kitchen :| And I think there was a rat or something… It bit into my spam sushi and peaches T-T

Gorgeous blue water <3


My mom and I at Pearl Harbor!

The sunset from Waikiki :)

Me sporting a lei on my head and removable tattoo! ;)

There’s more pictures on my flickr and photo blog if you’d like to see them.

Want to share your summer adventures? :D